Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh, Douro!

Apparently the New York Times is monitoring our selections.

The Times had a nice write-up on emerging Portuguese red wines from Douro, and a handful of these great value wines are already firmly planted on our shelves.

2006 Altano from Symington Family Estates. Plummy, dark cherry, with cocoa notes. This does need a bit of air but it's worth the wait at $9.

Quinta do Coa. We've had a soft spot for the Coa for a couple years now. And, with loads of intense red fruit, a bit of spcie and soft tannins, it's easy to love. $24

2005 Quinta dos Aciprestes from Real Companhia Velha. Don't let the tannins scare you. Let it open up for while or have it over a couple of days. For $10, you'll get a lot of beautiful dark plummy notes intertwined with dark cherry and polished with just the right amount of oak.

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