Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh, Douro!

Apparently the New York Times is monitoring our selections.

The Times had a nice write-up on emerging Portuguese red wines from Douro, and a handful of these great value wines are already firmly planted on our shelves.

2006 Altano from Symington Family Estates. Plummy, dark cherry, with cocoa notes. This does need a bit of air but it's worth the wait at $9.

Quinta do Coa. We've had a soft spot for the Coa for a couple years now. And, with loads of intense red fruit, a bit of spcie and soft tannins, it's easy to love. $24

2005 Quinta dos Aciprestes from Real Companhia Velha. Don't let the tannins scare you. Let it open up for while or have it over a couple of days. For $10, you'll get a lot of beautiful dark plummy notes intertwined with dark cherry and polished with just the right amount of oak.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Baaaa-aaaack!

We've managed to get our hands on more of the elusive Chateau Des Annibals Rose from Provence - dry, just the right amount of fruit, and lovely minerality.

And, while supplies last, Everyday Wines Bag Members get 15% off six bottles.

Not an EDW Bag Member? Well, that's easily rectified. Swing by the store, purchase at least four bottles of wine (mix and match, fine with us), and receive a complimentary Everyday Wines Bag.

The EDW Bag holds six bottles, is great for additional shopping in Kerrytown and beyond, and is so sturdy that there will be nothing but EDW bags and cockroaches after the apocalypse.

Then, on all future visits, your Bag Member status will be duly rewarded. You'll always get 10% of any six bottles (whereas the rest of the world has to purchase a case to get that kind of discount), as well as special promotions (like the 15% off the Annibals).

EDW Bag Members also get 15% of cases during December. The gift that keeps on giving.