Saturday, July 12, 2008

Big News

Greetings, All. We’ve got some changes under foot, and some pretty big news to boot. First and foremost, last Monday the Ann Arbor City Council voted to recommend the first ever Ann Arbor Downtown Developmental Liquor License to… us.

We would be remiss if we did not thank all of you who voiced your feelings to our elected officials as well as our favorite food bloggers who were able to get the word out to so many more than we could ever reach. And while it was quite the journey, we do thank city council members for finally bringing this to a vote and approval.

So, what does this mean for Everyday Wines and Everyday Cook. Well, quite simply, having the liquor license will allow us to really focus on what we do best – provide a retail and gathering place dedicated to the everyday pleasures of good food and drink. Over the coming weeks we’ll be streamlining our kitchen to offer an array of delicious food. We won’t be bringing back lunch exactly as it was, because that would require kitchen renovations that we cannot do. Although we will be different, our quality and love of food will remain. Prior to getting the liquor license, we’ll mostly offer carryout for lunch and dinner, but we will have our tables available for those who want to eat their food with us (we’ll even provide the wifi).

As for the retail, we are moving from kitchenware to focus on wine, beverage, and entertainment items (glasses and accessories, decanters, a hand-picked library of wine and food related books, barware, coffee and tea goods, etc).

We’ll also be offering the space on a limited basis for private meetings and events. We’ll have more details on this in the coming weeks. Email us at if you want us to follow up with you when we have further details.

Then, when the liquor license finally makes its way through the machinery in Lansing (we’re hoping it doesn’t take more than three or four months but one never knows), we’ll venture into wine classes, supper clubs, and a wine tasting room featuring picks from the Everyday Wines crew paired with plates of fabulous food.

And how about offering a few of our loft space walls to local artists on a rotating basis? And what about a corner of the room where our favorite local musicians can play a few songs and sell a few CDs? Okay, we may be getting ahead of ourselves but, ultimately, our goal is to provide an environment to share in the immense pleasures that food and wine can bring to everyday life.

All in all, thanks for all your support during the ups and downs of the liquor license saga. And thanks in advance for your patience while we take the next step.

From your friends in the kitchen and behind the counters at Everyday Wines and Everyday Cook.