Friday, June 12, 2009

Allegria del Cuore e Gioia dell'Anima *

Rosso Conero has been an official DOC exactly as long as Giri has been alive. (Woah! Ancient!) Of course, they've been making wine there since... ever.

It's a fairly small appellation, by the town of Ancona in central Marche, on the Adriatic coast. There are several local grape varieties planted here but Montepulciano dominates and any wine with the DOC on the label must have at least 85% Montepulciano in the blend.

Moroder "Aion" 2006 (100% Montepulciano) $16.99

Smells like violets and wet sand. No, really! Yes, in a good way. There's some spiciness on the palate, with soft dark fruit. Juicy and crisp without any oak, this would be a terrific Summer red. In Ancona, they drink it with everything, including fish, snails and shellfish. Or so it says on the bottle. We're going to have to go there to confirm this.

* "Gaiety of heart and joy of the soul." That's what that means. It's on the bottle. Giri used Google. No, he's not Italian.

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